Andy is a Master of all things workshop. He has more than 25 years experience in training, facilitating and hosting workshops.

Originally from Britain he has lived abroad for most of his life. He is adaptable, enthusiastic, friendly and a good listener.

His original training experience was in training adults to use Microsoft Office products and other various in-house software and Office management tools (Internet, e-mail, Fax, Content Management etc).

He now gives workshops in Soft Skills, Life Skills, with a speciality in Happiness and has extensive Train the Trainer knowledge. He creates workshops on all sorts of topics that are dear to his heart, sometimes just for the practice and to keep his skills honed.

Andy loves speaking in public and has spoken at several events on the topic of  Happiness.

He collaborates well with others and loves hosting people for day or evening events, retreats, and weekends.

You can see him in action as a host and a trainer at the Imagination Club and at any of the Fear and Fail Conferences in Brussels.